For over 20 years, Landscape by Precision has been designing architecturally flavoured landscapes and building them with a commitment to the highest standards of quality and detail.


Form and function are the keys to a well designed and architecturally beautiful landscape. New homes or renovations.

Our process: thoughtful planning in design and careful attention to detail in execution. Natural material selection, proper foundation engineering and the construction process itself are each uniquely important to the successful completion of any project.

Our landscape design will compliment the specific architectural theme of your home and use proper proportionality to enhance the layout of your pool, back yard patio area and entrance.

The Building Process

The purpose of a foundation is to hold up and hold together the structure that is built upon it. Contrary to common belief, the ground our homes is built on is not perfectly still and most often not very solid. Houses and buildings require a foundation of some kind to protect them over time from the abuse of natural forces. In fact most structures do.

One of the oldest and most effective ways to support the heavy load of a stone, or any type structure, involves the use of concrete "pilings" which are dug into the ground until stable soil is reached. The concrete template and building structure rests on these "piles". They absorb vertical as well as horizontal pressures, and their use is particularly important in areas where soil conditions are unstable. New home development sites generally have new and unstable soil surroundings.

Custom landscape construction often involves building natural stone retaining/accent walls, complicated flagstone patio surfaces and intricate staircases. Working with natural stone products is an expensive and highly desirable method of designing beautiful and elegant front entrances, or custom pool surroundings. Without the benefit of a steel re-enforced concrete template and structural support pilings, most stonework will begin to break apart in a few years time. Ground movement, frost and erosion quickly take their toll. We have all seen what landscape work looks like when it's foundation has failed.

Landscape by Precision: All of our natural stonework designs are engineered and built on a steel re-enforced poured concrete template supported by steel re-enforced concrete pilings.

Custom Detail

At Landscape by Precision, we pride ourselves on providing clients with superior craftsmanship. Achieving that goal requires patience, and a focus on detail. Each piece of stone is picked, cut, and chiseled to perfection to fit the design of your project. Each plant is carefully chosen to compliment and accent the uniqueness of your home. Most importantly, the smallest finishing touches are recognized as often the most important. Precisely... Beautiful.

"The details are not the details, they make the design."
- Charles Eames

About Us

We combine the best materials available with superior craftsmanship, structural engineering, and a precise focus on finishing detail. The result is beautifully landscaped pools, back yard areas, and elegant natural stone entrance ways.

We believe that the design of our projects must be practical in our climate and visually proportional to the overall presence of your home.

Our goal is to design and build using traditional architecture, modern engineering principals, and master craftsmanship. We select and use the finest natural materials available to add beauty and value. In doing so, the ultimate challenge in our work is to reflect the pride you feel for the place you have chosen as your home.

Enjoy our portfolio of sample work. Real photos of real projects.

Chris Wildman.


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